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Give Your Pup Chew Dog Toys for Fun and Hygiene

All dogs need something with which to exercise their jaws and teeth. Although puppies are notorious for chewing everything in sight, even adult dogs require chew dog toys for health and happiness. When selecting toys for your dog, there are some safety precautions you should take. First, don’t ever buy your dog a toy small enough for them to swallow. This poses a choking hazard. Also watch for small parts especially on cheaper toys. And, always keep an eye on your dog’s chew toys as some will need to be discarded if small pieces are being chewed off and possibly swallowed. Knotted rope is a popular chew toy that some owners use for fetch or playing tug of war with their dog also.

In some cases, chew dog toys are supposed to be swallowed. For example, there are dog lollipops that come in flavors like bacon and peanut butter with a rawhide stick. Bones are a big seller when it comes to chew dog toys. Never give your dog bones from your kitchen, always choose those at reputable pet stores which are made especially for dogs. There are dental bones made with mint and teeth cleaning ingredients which help clean teeth while your dog chews. Since most people don’t brush their dog’s teeth, these bones can help freshen breath and remove plaque.

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August 6, 2010 Posted Under Dogs