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Choosing Fashionable Designer Dog Sweaters

In today’s high fashion society, some dog owners dress their dogs in cute apparel. Designer dog sweaters are popular especially with small dogs like toy breeds. For some, they make an adorable fashion statement but for others they actually help keep the dog warm in cold temperatures. There are some breeds of dog that need protection from the cold, like the Chihuahua. These dogs are native to a hot climate and get cold easily. Your dog might need other apparel as well, depending on the weather.

Designer dog sweaters are great in the fall and winter months. As previously mentioned, they are best for small, short haired dogs but you can buy them in all sizes for every type of dog. There are also dog jackets and coats in various levels of warmth. Dog T-shirts are very popular simply for making a fashion statement. There are all kinds of cute and funny shirts designed especially for your dog. Consider buying organic material such as organic cotton or hemp for your dog.

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October 24, 2010 Posted Under Dogs

Varieties of Designer Dog Bowls

One of the most important purchases you will make for your dog are their food and water bowls. These days there are designer dog bowls that look stylish while serving a valuable purpose. They go above and beyond the average plastic feeding bowls. There are hand painted ceramic bowls that are heavy so your dog cannot tip them over, and adorned with various colors and patterns. You can even special order designer dog bowls painted or engraved with your dog’s name. There are also decorative and functional mats to go under feeding bowls to keep the floor clean from spills.

Some designer dog bowls are raised off the ground for larger dogs and for dogs whose ears may drag in their food or water. There are shiny silver tone bowls that coordinate with everything and are stable enough to avoid tipping or being dragged around. You can even find automatic feeding systems that dispense food and water at specific times. This is ideal if you are going away for a few days but don’t want to board your dog. You should have someone come by a couple times daily to take your dog out and check on him or her.

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October 7, 2010 Posted Under Dogs